In this four week class you will learn about essential oils, creating a chemical free home, winter wellness and women’s wellness. Each week is a different class.

Location:  Pepperell Community Center                Instructor:  Missy Bosch
Phone:  701-340-6051                                         Email:

Childcare will be provided at no charge for the summer classes

Introduction to Essential Oils
     10:30am – 12pm         Monday   July 10 

Essential Oils Part 2                    10:30am – 12pm Saturday July 15

Supporting Your Medically Complex Child the Natural Way (Part 1)

10:30am – 12pm   Monday  July 24
10:30am – 12pm   Monday Aug 14

Suporting Your Medically Complex Child the Natural Way (Part 2)
10:30am – 12pm  Saturday  July 29
10:30am – 12pm  Saturday  August 19

The classes are $10 each or $8 per class when taking 4 or more classes

Aromatherapy 101

What is all the hype with Essential Oils?  How can such a small amount of oil be so powerful on our immune system, emotions and physical healing?  Come learn why choosing the correct essential oil company is paramount to starting your wellness journey.  Learn how Young Living distills their oils and how each oil has different chemical compounds made exactly for our different body systems.  You will learn about the most popular oils and what body parts they support.  Are you ready to start your wellness journey the natural way?  Are you sick of taking medicines that just make you sicker?  You will find out how to begin changing the way you feel, the natural way! No purchase necessary.

Advanced Aromatherapy/Essential Oil Use
Now that you have learned what essential oils are and how they affect our bodies, you will learn how to mix certain oils for a stronger effect and even learn about essential oil infused supplements that can further your healthy lifestyle.  Do you know what the highest antioxidant fruit is?  Young Living has this and many other products that can help you ditch the chemicals that are making you sick and show you how to live a chemical free lifestyle! No purchase necessary.

Supporting Your Medically Complex Child the Natural Way (Part 1)
Many children have complex issues that require constant attention and medicine.  Many of these children are chronically ill and are constantly in and out of the hospital.  Most parents feel stuck when doctors do not look at our children as a whole person, just adding more and more medicine to the daily routine.  Come join Missy and Rebecca explain their journey with children who have special needs from ADHD to physically disabled children.  This is a two-part class because of the amount of information that is given.  This class will be repeated on August 14th. No purchase necessary.

Supporting Your Medically Complex Child the Natural Way (Part 2)
After attending part 1 and learning how to look at your child as a whole person and supporting their bodies with proper nutrition and getting rid of environmental chemicals, you will learn how to support each specific body system with various ways including essential oils and supplements.  This is a very detailed class so come prepared with an open mind and listen to testimonies of two moms who have seen dramatic changes in their own children’s lives.  There is no pressure to share your story, but we are open to question and answers so you know the best direction to take your child in this new journey.  

Missy is a Pepperell Resident. She has been teaching wellness classes, specializing in essential oils and supplements, for over 3 years after attending holistic classes taught by chiropractors, aromatherapy experts and herbologists.

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