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Pepperellians - 

Its mid-summer and I hope everyone in Town is enjoying this time of year. It always seems to be the easiest lowest stress time.  No holidays, no schools, lots of sunshine.

The Town has started of Fiscal 2020 with an eye on its short and long term plans.  In the short-term, we are well into capital improvements including the repaving of Townsend Street which begins in earnest in August, as well as large and small fixes to various town buildings - leaky roofs, faulty HVAC systems, and other important fixes to protect our assets.

Some staff in Town, with help from some citizen based committees, are working on Personnel Policy updates and a comprehensive Financial Policy document.  Others staff members are deep into grant writing  - looking for funds to provide us with much needed infrastructure investments on our streets, in our buildings, and to protect and enhance town properties, roads, and bridges. 

Our long-term planning will be shaped by two important groups this year - the Master Plan Steering Committee, which is set to publish their report in early 2020, and the Charter Review Committee.  Both groups will create important recommendations for the Town to consider adopting and implementing which will help shape our future for the next several decades, 

There are many other exciting things happening in Town.  We rely on our Boards, Committees, and Commissions to move us forward.  Please consider volunteering for one of these groups.  We need the wisdom and energy of all the Townspeople to propel us forward. Follow this link, if you'd like to see our current opportunities:

Thank you,

Andrew MacLean
Town Administrator

FY 2020 Budget Information with TA Andrew MacLean

Pepperell Receives DOR Approval of Balance Sheet as of July 1, 2018

As a result of timely and accurate Department Head submissions of receivables, cash, payroll and bills, the Finance Team was able to submit the Town’s Balance Sheet to the DOR and receive approval in early August for the 4th year in a row.

According to the DOR, Pepperell is the 1st town in our region to be certified this year and the 4th in the State!

Congratulations to the employees of the Town of Pepperell – well done!