Pepperell Historical Commission

Appointed Commission Members

Member Position Term
Ronald Karr Chair June 30, 2026
Kirianna Campbell Member June 30, 2026
Robert Cataldo Member June 30, 2024
Casey Campetti Member June 30, 2026
Diane V. Cronin Clerk June 30, 2024
VACANT Alternate  
VACANT Alternate  
Established Town Meeting in 1977, the Pepperell Historical
Commission has responsibility for the preservation, protection, and development of the Town's historical assets and seeks to identify and promote the town's historical resources.

The commission has no paid staff or phone. Most commission work is done by the members or by volunteers. The commission consists of five unpaid members appointed for three year terms by the Select Board. Meetings are held bi-monthly at the Town Hall and are always open to the public.

Recent Activities

In September 2022 the Commission adopted an Historic Resources Survey Plan, which provides a detailed assessment of Pepperell's present inventory of historic properties and makes recommendations for establishing priorities for future documentation and identification of historic resources throughout the town.

 At the town election in April the town adopted the Community Preservation Act, which will provide funding for historic preservation.

At the Annual Town Meeting in May the town amended the zoning act to provide for the adaptive reuse of historic buildings, which includes a provision requiring a recommendation from the commission in all such projects.

Reach the commission by emailing: