Town Meeting dated: August 29, 1774

Town Meeting minutes recording the open display of a new flag flown in open defiance of the British crown, a treasonous offense in those days. This flag flown in Pepperell could well be the first American flag.
"This being a time when the civil liberty of this province are unjustly infringed upon, when the ministry of Old England have endeavored to take away our Charter rights and privileges and the people of this province very much disturbed, every one looking after English liberties as departing from North America when congresses are appointed and appointing and the struggles very high, the people of this District prepared and raised a pole by the name of Liberty Pole the height of which was one hundred feet on the common directly before the Publick Meeting House door on the 29th day of August A.D. 1774 with a flag of Blew (sic) and red cloth five yards long and four bredths wide with convenience to hoist it to the top of the pole with ease."