Town Meeting dated: March 19, 1777

Town Meeting minutes recording the votes to form a Committee of Estimation and voting to pay Prudence Wright's Guard (referred to as Leonard Whiting's Guard because women could not overtly be paid) for services performed during the Revolutionary War.

First page of meeting minutes:

"At a legal meeting held at Pepperrell March 17, 1777 agreable [sic] to the foregoing Warrant. Proceeded as followeth:

"5 ly [fifthly or Article 5] - Voted to choose a Comtee [Committee] of five persons to estimate the past services or cost done or paid by the Inhabitants of this Town in support of the present war.
Choose Capt Isaac Woods & Deacon Daniel Fisk to be Nominators for said Comtee.
Choose Doc. Epharam Lawrence, Mr. Nehemiah Hobart, Lt. Joseph Boynton, Major Henry Woods, Lt. Nathaniel Lakin
a Comtee of Estimation :

Second page of meeting minutes:


"6 ly - Voted that Capt Woods & Capt Wright do attend the Comtee of Estimation as assistance when called by sd. Comtee...

"7 ly - Voted that he who hired for a greater or lesser sum and he who went in person be equaly estimated in each separate campeign [sic]....

"8 ly - Voted that Leonard Whiting guard (so called) be paid seven pound, seventeen shillings and sixpence by an order upon the treasurer ....

"9 ly - Voted that this meeting be adjourned to our next May Meeting day at 2 o'clock afternoon and that said Comtee then make their Report to the Town ....."