Town Clerk Mission Statement

town hall sunset

It is the mission of the Office of the Town Clerk to be a primary provider of information and quality services to the community and to work cooperatively and in coordination with the varied departments and groups while performing a myriad of tasks to achieve established goals and to comply with State and local statutes. 

The Pepperell Town Clerk serves the residents of Pepperell through its function as official record keeper for Town Meeting and Vital Records and the Administration of Elections and all other voter related activities. 

Records found in this office include birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, zoning decisions, town meeting records, annual town reports and special reports to town meeting. Also you can find all records of elections and lists of those who have served the Town of Pepperell in elective or appointive offices. 

This office issues a number of licenses including marriage licenses, dog licenses, DBA certificates, fuel storage and raffle and bazzare permits.

The Town Clerk maintains records of amendments to the Town Bylaws, Zoning Bylaws and references to accepted State Statutes.

This office accepts the required postings for all public meetings and maintains the public meetings calendar. 

The Town Clerk conducts the Annual Census and maintains the voter lists. The department conducts all Federal, State and Local elections. 

The Town Clerk's office welcomes inquiries from all citizens seeking assistance / information in relation to services provided by the Town of Pepperell. The staff will assist in redirecting your questions to the appropriate department. 

Thank you, 

Brynn C. Durno, Town Clerk