An Act for erecting the District of Pepperrell

April 12, 1753

This Act of the Acting Governor of Massachusetts created a new District in West Groton to be known as "Pepperrell," using the double "r" spelling used by Sir William Pepperrell.



"Anno Regni Regis (Year of our King)             Georgii Secundi (George II)

Vicesimo (Twenty-)                                        Sexto (sixth)

An Act for erecting the second Precinct in the Town of Groton into a seperate (sic) District.

Be it enacted by the Lieutenant Governour (sic), Council & House of Representves (representatives) That the Second Precinct in Groton, bounding Southerly on the old Country Road leading to Townshend, Westerly on Townshend Line, Northerly on the Line last run by the Governor of New Hampshire as the Boundary between that province & then Easterly to the Middle of the River called Lancaster River, from where the sd (said) Boundary Line crosses said River to up the Middle of the said River to where the Bridge did stand, called Kemps Bridge, to the Road first mentioned, be and hereby is erected into a seperate District by the Name of Pepperrell; And that the said District be & hereby is invested with all the Privileges, Powers & Immunities that Towns in the Province by Law do or may enjoy, that of sending a Representative to the Genl (General) Assembly only excepted, & that the Inhabitants of said District shall have full Power & Right from time to time to joyn (sic) with the said Town of Groton in the Choice of a Representative or Representatives, in which Choice they shall enjoy all the Privileges wch (which) by Law they would have been entitled to if this Act had not been made; And that the said District shall from time to time pay their proportionable Part of the Expence (sic) of Such Representative of Representatives according to their respective Proportions of the Province Tax; And that the said Town of Groton as often as they shall call a Meeting for the Choice of a Representative, shall give seasonable Notice to the Clerk of said District for the the time being, of the time & place of holding such Meeting, to the End that said District may joyn them therein & the Clerk of said District shall set up in some publick Place in said District a Notification thereof accordingly, or otherwise give seasonable Notice as the District shall determine.

Provided nevertheless, and be it further enacted, that the said District shall pay their Proportion of all Town, County & Province Taxes, already set on or granted to be raised by said Town, as if this Act had not been made, & also be at one half the Charge in building & repairing the two Bridges on Lancaster River aforesaid in said District.

Provided also, and be it further enacted that no poor Person residing in said District, & who have been warned by the Select Men of said Groton, town depart said Town shall be understood as hereby exempted from any Process they would have been exposed to if this Act had not been made.

And be it further enacted that William Lawrence Esq. be & hereby is empowered to issue his Warrant directed to some principal Inhabitant in said District, requiring him to notify the Inhabitants of said District, to meet at such time & Place as he shall appoint, to chose all such Officers as by Law they are impowered (sic) to chose for conducting the Affairs of said District.

April 6th 1753 This Bill having been read three several times in the House of Represves -- Passed to be Enacted.

T. Hubbard, Speaker

April 7 1753 This Bill having been read three several times in Council -- Passed to be Enacted.

J. Willard, Secretary

April 12 1753 By the Lieut. Governor I consent to Enacting this Bill

Spencer Phips."