Commission Information

The Conservation Commission is Pepperell's steward for town-owned conservation land and local administrator of Massachusetts' Wetlands Protection Act. Working with land owners, the Commission ensures that our natural resources are protected and that construction and environmental alterations are accomplished in compliance with state laws. The Commission also works with and advises other Town bodies, including the Planning Board, Board of Health, and the Building Inspector's Office on natural resources issues and potential land conservation.

The Commission is made up of seven members, appointed by the Pepperell Board of Selectmen, serving three-year terms.

Meeting Information

The Commission usually meets the 1st and 3rd Tuesdays of the month at 7:00 p.m. Commission meetings are open to the public and include Public Meetings and Hearings relating to applications filed under the Massachusetts Wetlands Protection Act. Legal Notices of these meetings/hearings are published before each Commission meeting in the Nashoba Valley Voice. The deadline for filing applications to be included on the Commission's agenda is fifteen days before the desired meeting date due to the publishing schedule and deadlines of the Nashoba Valley Voice. This deadline can vary if a holiday changes the newspaper's publication schedule.

Future Meeting Notice

TUESDAY, July 17, 2018
TUESDAY, August 7, 2018
TUESDAY, August 21, 2018
TUESDAY, September 11, 2018
TUESDAY, September 25, 2018
TUESDAY, October 9, 2018
TUESDAY, October 23, 2018
TUESDAY, November 13, 2018
TUESDAY, November 27, 2018
TUESDAY, December 4, 2018
TUESDAY, December 18, 2018

PLACE:  TOWN HALL (CONFERENCE ROOM B, unless   posted otherwise)
TIME:  7:00 P.M.