Trail Monitoring and Maintenance Program

The Pepperell Conservation Commission has established a volunteer-based trails monitoring and maintenance program to help keep our town-wide trail system clear and accessible. The program involves two types of volunteers:.

Trail Monitors:
 Sign up to monitor one or more specific trails and commit to sending a trail report to the Conservation Administrator at least once a month. Reports might be as simple as saying "all clear." However, the goal is to quickly identify obstructions, down trees across a trail, trail damage, or any other suitable observation, including wild animal or bird sightings.

Trail Maintainers:
 Sign up to assist with trail maintenance as necessary. Maintenance might involve removing downed trees, repairing wetland crossings, replacing or repainting trail idenfication markers, or other jobs that may come up. The goal is to have list of interested and able people for the Conservation Administrator to call upon in case of need or trail damage.

Additionally, anyone using the town's trails is encouraged to use the form below to file a trail report if you have notice a problem on any trail.

Sign up to be a Trail Monitor

Sign up to Help Maintain Trails

File a trail report