Highway Division

The Highway Department, a division of the Public Works Department, maintains and repairs all of Pepperell's roads, streets, street signs, sidewalks and subsurface drainage systems to provide for safe vehicular and pedestrian traffic.

Please see Regulations page for important information that may affect you or your property as well as our Mailbox Policy.


  • Road maintenance: there are approximately 82 miles of roads in Pepperell, excluding Rte. 119
  • Winter operations: Snow removal strategies and procedures; salt & sand mixture available to residents; Please shovel around Fire Hydrants
  • Spring Repairs: re-seeding of grass in the roadway right-of-way
  • Tree Cutting: trimming and tree removal along road right-of-ways
  • Equipment maintenance: in-house maintenance of DPW vehicles
  • Transfer Station:

To report a streetlight outage or malfunction, please contact the Patriot Regional Emergency Communication Center at 978-433-2737. Due to the nature of the outage, it might take several weeks to repair.