Deduct Meters Information

Second Water Meters for Outdoor Water Use

As was approved at a public Sewer Rate Hearing on December 12, 2002, the Pepperell Sewer Department will no longer adjust sewer bills for "summer usage". Billings will be made as per the actual water meter readings. All sewer customers are again advised that a second meter for the purpose of determining and deducting outdoor water use from the sewer bill is allowed and these second meters will be read starting in the upcoming billing cycle.

The Water Department must be made aware of the existence of any second meter before the next reading. If a property owner desires to have a second meter installed for this purpose, the Water Department has a policy in place and meters in stock. Please contact the Water Department to notify them that you have a second meter, that you want a second meter installed, or with any questions.

Guidelines for Deduct Meters Installed in the Town of Pepperell

  1. The Pepperell Water Division will sell the deduct meter and meter connections at a price based onactual material costs, including cost of Inspection, 15% Administrative Fee and Mass. Sales Tax. .“PLEASE NOTE THAT IF YOUR EXPECTED WATER AND/OR SEWER USAGE IS LESS THAN 2500 CUBIC FEET IN A BILLING CYCLE, YOU WILL NOT BENEFIT FROM THE INSTALLATION OF A DEDUCT METER”. If you have any questions regarding the potential savings with a deduct meter, please speak with a department representative before proceeding with the deduct meter installation.
  2. The Pepperell Water Division will read all deduct meters.
  3. The Homeowner will be responsible for installation of the deduct meter and meter connections.A Plumbing Permit must be obtained from the Town’s Inspection Department prior to thededuct meter’s installation.
  4. The Pepperell Water Division shall inspect every deduct meter installation. Installation must be approved by the Pepperell Water Division before readings will be taken. PLEASE REMEMBER TO CALL 978-433-5591 or 978-433-5528 TO HAVE YOUR DEDUCT METER INSPECTED IMMEDIATELY AFTER INSTALLATION. No inspections will be approved unless a signed Plumbing Permit is displayed. If the Homeowner does not notify the Pepperell Water Division of the deduct meter’s installation, there will be an inspection fee of $50.00 assessed to the homeowner.
  5. The Homeowner will be responsible for accessibility and any frost damage to the deduct meter. All rules and regulations applying to water meters in the Pepperell Water Division’s Rules and Regulations Handbook will also apply to deduct meters.

Deduct Meters Installation Instructions

  1. The Deduct Meter must be installed after the original water meter (no teeing off before the
    original water meter allowed). Deduct meter must be installed near the main meter.
  2. The Deduct Meter must be at a reasonable height so that the Water Division can read the top of the meter.
  3. The Deduct Meter must be installed horizontal. (no vertical installations allowed).
  4. Meter connections provided by the Water Division must be used.