Pepperell Council on Aging

Policy: Campaigning for Office

As a municipal agency the Pepperell Council on Aging does not endorse any candidate in any election. The COA may allow candidates to campaign under the following conditions:

Campaign visits must be scheduled with the COA Director in advance.

If one candidate is allowed to campaign, all other candidates are likewise invited and offered equal although not necessarily simultaneous opportunities to campaign.

The COA reserves the right to refuse all campaigning at the Senior Center in any given election year.

Candidates may participate as private citizens in any COA activity but are not allowed to campaign while they are there, including wearing or distributing election related paraphernalia.

Campaign opportunities for each calendar year will be scheduled at a regular COA meeting in the first quarter.

Adopted 02/07/00

Revised 9/11/00

Revised 3/14/05