Pepperell Council on Aging

Policy: Raffle Ticket Sales / Non Profit Organizations

The Pepperell Council on Aging reserves the right to control the sale of raffle tickets at the Pepperell Senior Center or COA events.

No group or individual will be allowed to sell raffle tickets without the permission of the Council on Aging.

Requests to sell raffle tickets will be made in writing to the Council on Aging along with a copy of the raffle sales permit issued by the town clerk.

The Council on Aging will receive applications for compliance with the following criteria:

  • Proceeds from the raffle will directly benefit seniors in the Town of Pepperell.
  • Raffle ticket sales will occur only as specified by the COA under the supervision of the Director. Sales will not take place in front of any entrances or exits to the Senior Center but in an appropriate area designated by the Director. Nor will the sale of raffle tickets effect the daily operation of the Senior Center and the activities of it's guests.
  • The sale of raffle tickets must be legal in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.
  • Groups/individuals will only be allowed to conduct one raffle per month.