Personnel Board


The membership, duties, and authority of the Personnel Board are defined in the revised Personnel Bylaw, approved at the 2022 Fall Town Meeting. The primary roles of the Board are: to interpret and recommend changes to the Personnel Policies and Procedures, which became effective upon passage of the revised Bylaw; and participate in those procedures outlined in the Policies.

The Policies and Procedures document is superseded by any relevant section of union contacts. Policies not covered by union contracts, and those employees not in a union, fall under the purview of this document.

For Employees:

Please note that the Personnel Board is not a replacement for, or means of circumventing, organizational hierarchy. To initiate the action of the Personnel Board, please do so through your supervisor, department head, Human Resources, and/or the Town Administrator.

If you have a question about interpretation of the Policies and Procedures, please submit this to HR and it will be added for review at a subsequent meeting of the Board.

Refer to Section 5Q in the Policies and Procedures for more information on the grievance procedure.


Members are appointed by the Select Board. Current members are:

  • Paul Brinkman


Contact Us

  1. Personnel Board
    1 Main Street
    Pepperell, MA 01463

    The Personnel Board meets during Town Hall business hours on an as-needed basis.