Heald Pond

Location: Heald St.

This beautiful pond is surrounded by 32 acres of protected woodlands and a field. A trail follows the length of the west side of the pond then wraps around the southern tip and connects with the Heald Street Orchard or follows the Jeff Smith Trail along the Blood Brook Ravine out to Jewett St. If you follow the pond trail out to the Orchard, you can complete a loop by walking through the Orchard to Heald St. and then walking to the left for about a half mile along the street. Turtles, frogs, herons, hawks, and beaver (look for the beaver lodge) can be found in and around the pond. The trail starts out gently, but gets rugged as it narrows and follows a steep rocky outcropping.  Across the road from the Heald Pond trailhead, you can follow the trail to the left of the stream along the Gulf Brook ravine into the Pepperell Springs Conservation Area. Canoe or kayak access to Heald Pond is available from Heald St.  The islands within the pond contain poison sumac - beware.

Go about 2 miles on Heald St. away from Pepperell Town Hall (corner of Main St. and Park St.) or about 0.5 miles past the entrance to the Heald St. Orchard. Park on the side of the road.

Recreational Uses:

Hiking (moderate, though steep in places)
Bird watching
Nature observation

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