Hunting on Pepperell’s Conservation Properties

The Town of Pepperell has almost 2,700 acres of protected open spaces.  Many of these open spaces are available for hunting. Not all conservation land is managed by the Conservation Commission and permission for hunting must be obtained from the respective property owners.  

All state laws and regulations apply when hunting in Pepperell.  There is no hunting allowed on Sunday.
For further information about hunting in Massachusetts, please visit:

The following Open Space Map identifies ownership of Pepperell’s protected open spaces:

All open space properties owned by the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife are open for hunting.  

All Pepperell Conservation Commission properties are open for hunting with the exception of:
  • Keyes Parker Conservation Areas on Oak Hill Street
  • Nissitissit Meadows Conservation Area on Prescott Street  
  • The Heald Street Orchard on Heald Street is open for archery hunting with a special permit available from the Conservation Commission. 
Lands identified on the Open Space Map as conservation restrictions, including APR’s, are protected open spaces with no public access.  Lands identified as Chapter 61 are private property and are not open to the public.

If you have any questions about hunting on any protected open spaces in Pepperell, please feel free to contact the Conservation Commission office at 978-433-0325.