Dance with Rose Follett


Come and join us to create self-expression, to bring life to the body and soul by feeling the beat of the music.  Allow the body to hop, skip, jump, swing your hips from side to side and move to the music.  Release the innate feeling of joy, power, freedom and grace.  Renew the spirt, connect mind, body and soul.   Dance to the classic greats. The playlist will be upbeat tunes from the classic’s collections of old times.  Discover how much fun it can be to move your body to classic greatest hits.  Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.

Location:  Pepperell Community Center            Instructor:  Rose Follet            Email:

Classes are $10 per person or $15 per couple

Class Dates  all Classes are from 7pm to 9pm

January  5th and 19th        

February 2nd and 16th            

March 2nd and 23rd           

April 6th and 20th     

May 4th and 18th           

June 1st and 15th  

Moderate exercise like dancing can boost the brains health and slow cognitive decline. Dance classes include dymanic movements, such as head turns, skips and hops as well as dance steps like the mamba, salsa, merengue, cumbia, cha-cha and swing.  Dance movements strengthen muscles, bones and enhances flexibility.  The hippocampus is part of our brain structure which gets affected by pathological aging, it plays a big role in cognitive process and is also involved in keeping one’s balance, a function that is crucial for wellbeing and quality of life.  Come enjoy a safe and effective dance exercise program.

Instructor:  Rose Follett, is a certified fitness professional. I am certified in Ying and Yang yoga Teacher /Trainer and have a BS in Exercise and Sports Science.  As a certified fitness professional, I have the education and experience to teach and supervise a moderate to free form dancing exercise program for adult individuals attending my class.  

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