Historic District List of Structures

Pepperell Center Historic District

Directory of Buildings and Sites

A-1Town Hall1 Main1874CGothic Victorian
A-2Sam Shattuck House3-9 Main1849CItalianate
  11-13 Mainc1960NC
A-3Lawrence Library15 Mainca. 1899CRomanesque
A-4Waldo Spaulding House17 Main1904CColonial Revival
A-5Deacon Blood House21 Main1834CGreek Revival
A-6Hannah Lawrence House23 Mainc1842CGreek Revival
A-7 25 Mainc1890C
  29 Mainc1970NC
  31 Mainc1970NC
A-82Parker Kemp House37 Mainc1850CColonial Revival
A-80George Shattuck House28 Mainc1880CGothic Revival
A-8Denham House26 Mainc1885CItalianate
  22 Main1986NC
A-9Fletcher House20 Mainc1875CStick
A-10Daniel Blood House18 Mainc1870CFederal
A-11John Jewett House16 Main?CGreek Revival
  14 Mainc1920NC
  12 Mainc1920NC
A-12Nathan Shipley House10 Mainc1749CColonial Eclectic
A-13Rev. Andrews House8 Mainc1843CGreek Revival
  6 Mainc1950C
A-802Pepperell CommonMain & Park C
A-900Bunker Hill MonumentMain & Park C
A-902Liberty FlagpoleMain & Park1774 (1910)C
A-14DAR Mtg House1-3 Park1831C
A-800Walton Cemetary5-7 Park1746C
A-801Corporation Cemetary9-11 Park1901C
A-15Dr. Amos Adams House13 Parkc1840CFederal Colonial
A-16Jonas Fitch House17 Park1850CGreek Revival
A-17Col. Shattuck House27-33 Park1868C
  35 Park1960NC
A-18Adelbert Boynton House37 Park1886CQueen Anne
A-19Rev. James Howe House39 Park1780C
A-20 43-45 Parkc1835CGreek Revival
  50 Parkc1930NC
A-25 48 Park1845CFederal Colonial
  46 Park1990NC
A-26 40-42c1890CVernacular Queen Anne
 Pepperell Fire Dept.38 Parkc1980NC
A-27Widow E. Shattuck House28-30 Parkc1860CFarm House
A-28Charles Miller House26 Parkc1870CItalianate
A-29Woodward House24 Park1896CColonial Revival
A-30 20-22 Parkc1880CItalianate
A-31 18 Parkc1840CFederal Greek Revival
A-32John Loring House14-16 Parkc1850CSimple Italiante
A-33Pepperell Academy12 Park1834CGreek Revival
A-34Charles Tarbell House10 Parkc1840CVernacular Greek Revival
A-35Breck Homestead6-8 Parkc1817CFederal
A-36Luther Tarbell House4 Parkc1840CVernacular Greek Revival
A-37 5 Healdc1870CEclectic Victorian
A-38 9-11 Heald1830CCape
  13 Heald1975NC
A-39 15-17 Healdc1830CFederal
A-40 19 Healdc1880CVictorian
A-903Pepperell PoundHealdc1850C
A-42 28-32 Healdc1865CVernacular Victorian
A-43 24-26 Healdc1844CItalianate
A-44 22 Healdc1820CGreek Revival
  20 Healdc1960NC
  18 Healdc1960NC
A-45 16 Healdc1860CVernacular Greek Revival
A-46 12-14 Healdc1870CVictorian
  10 Healdc1960NC
A-47Community Church1 Townsend1860C
A-48Hutchinson House3 Townsendc1901CColonial Revival
A-50 7 Townsendc1890CGreek Revival
A-51 9 Townsendc1790CColonial
A-52Durant House11 Townsendc1849CVictorian
A-53 13-17 Townsendc1879C
A-54 19 Townsendc1870CFarm House
A-55 21-27 Townsend?CGreek Revival
A-56 29 Townsendc1886CQueen Anne
A-57Miller/Winn Cottage31 Townsendc1828CCenter Chimney Cape
A-62 26 Townsendc1865CGreek/Victorian
A-63 24 Townsendc1828CFederal
A-64Schoolhouse22 Townsend1849C
A-65William Bradley House18 Townsendc1890CGreek/Victorian
A-66Charles Stevens House16 Townsendc1800C
A-67 14 Townsendc1824CFederal
A-68 12 Townsendc1877CVictorian
  10 Townsendc1950NC
  8 Townsendc1950NC
  6 Townsendc1950NC
A-69Harvey Tileston4 Townsendc1770C
A-70Lewis Estate1-3 Elm1819C/NCFederal (Most of original house destroyed through remodelling, 1998)
A-71 5 Elmc1900C
A-72Calvin Shattuck House7 Elmc1810CVernacular Greek Revival
A-73 9-11 Elmc1880CDutch Colonial
A-49 13 Elmc1780C
A-74 15 Elmc1900CNorman
A-77J. Walton/Charles Bellows Farm16-20 Elmc1790CFederal
  14 Elm?NC
A-78Lewis Law Office12 Elmc1810CCape
A-79 8-10 Elmc1890CVictorian


MHC# = Historical inventory form on file with Mass. Historical Commission
In STATUS column, C=Contributing; NC=Noncontributing