Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Services (RACES)


As a component of our CERT program, Pepperell has a team of experienced amateur radio operators who can assist the town with vital communication needs during a disaster.  These are licensed radio amateurs certified to FEMA standards who are able to communicate on amateur radio frequencies during drills, exercises and emergencies.  They are activated through Pepperell’s Emergency Management Agency and are the only amateur radio operators authorized to transmit during declared emergencies when the President of the United States specifically invokes the War Powers Act.  The team regularly conducts checks with the MEMA Radio Net as well as participates in the Nashoba Valley Amateur Radio Club and conducts their own regular activities.

Pepperell’s RACES members are organized and train with our CERT members and deploy with them, such deployments potentially being alongside the Auxiliary Police.  In particular, with their own radio equipment, towers, generators, etc. the team is mobile and able to operate independently during disaster events where electrical power, cellular services and municipal radio problems may be at issue.  They can communicate with MEMA and other agencies in support of disaster responses where such services are needed.