Lodging House License

Pursuant to Massachusetts General Laws Chapter 140 Section 22, four or more unrelated persons living together constitute a Lodging House and require a Lodging House License.

All applicants must seek approval from the Select Board before a license can be issued.

All applicants need to apply for a Public Safety Inspection provided by the Building Inspector ($60 Fee) in order for the Select Board to issue a license to operate a lodging house. Contact the Building Department to schedule an  inspection at 978-433-0329. After the license is issued, this inspection is done annually.

Lodging House License is valid January 1st to December 31st and renewed annually.

Annual Fee: $ 25.00 made payable to the Town of Pepperell

Click here for Lodging House License. 

The Town of Pepperell has issued the following Lodging House Licenses:

  • JH Eshleman Lodging House / 125 South Road
  • 17 Park Street
  • 113-115 Park Street
  • Maplewood Farm / 1 Chestnut Street
  • The Independent Living Facility / 12 Hollis Street