Town Administrator Annual Review

According to the Town of Pepperell Home Rule Charter, Article 4 Town Administrator, Section 4-1 Appointment; Qualifications; Term

"The Board of Selectmen shall provide for an annual review of the job performance of the Town Administrator which shall, at least in summary form, be a public record in accordance with Massachusetts General Law. Failure to administer an annual review will prohibit the Board of Selectmen from authorizing any annual increases in compensation.

This review shall reflect the Town Administrator’s performance of duties as listed in Section 4-2. At least three months prior to expiration of any contract term, the Board of Selectmen shall vote on the reappointment of the Town Administrator. The annual reviews shall be used as a basis for reappointment. The majority vote of the full membership of the Board of Selectmen is required to reappoint. If the vote of the Board of Selectmen to reappoint fails, the appeal process of Section 4-4."