PFAS Task Force

Appointed Task Force Members

Member Position Term
Lea Gabriela Gavrilov Select Board Appointee December 31, 2022
Pat Harrington Select Board Appointee December 31, 2022
Seth Meldon Select Board Appointee December 31, 2022
Stephen Themelis Select Board Appointee December 31, 2022
VACANT Board of Health Appointee  
Paul Brinkman Enterprise Fund Business Manager  


The Pepperell Select Board created a PFAS Task Force on June 14, 2021. This independent task force will research options and make recommendations on things Pepperell can do about the PFAS levels in Town water. The PFAS Task Force should consist of 6 members made up of appointments from the following:

  • Select Board - 2-4 appointees
  • Board of Public Works - 1 appointee
  • Board of Health - 1 appointee
  • Enterprise Fund Business Manager

Appointees should have a variety of backgrounds such as science and technology related to water and filtration, but backgrounds in public health, medical fields, fiance, organizational behavior, and public relations could also provide insightful assistance.

The Task Force should consider short term and long term needs for mitigation, filtration, new sources of water, and other ways to provide an adequate supply of clean water to Pepperell.  A report of findings and recommendations from the task force should be presented to the Select Board monthly and a final report to the Select Board, Board of Public Works, and Board of Health during Calendar 2021.  The Task Force may continue indefinitely to provide advice to the Town on this topic.