Agricultural Commission

Appointed Commission Members

Member Position Term
Lucille McKain Co-Chair June 30, 2026
David Sears Member June 30, 2026
Sherrill Rosoff Co-Chair June 30, 2024
VACANT Member June 30, 2024
Eric Piper Member June 30, 2025

Commission Charge

The Select Board shall establish an Agricultural Commission to represent the Pepperell farming community. Said Commission shall serve as facilitators for encouraging the pursuit of agriculture in Pepperell, shall promote agricultural-based economic opportunities in Town, shall act as mediators, advocates, and educators on farming issues; shall work for preservation of agricultural lands; and shall pursue all initiatives appropriate to creating a sustainable agricultural community including encouragement of agriculture as a career opportunity and lifestyle.

The Commission will consist of five members appointed by the Select Board.  The Commission will consist of members whose prime source of income is derived from farming or agricultural-based enterprises in Pepperell and who are interested in farming.  Three members for a term of three years; two members for a term of two years and three thereafter; and one member for a one year term, and three years thereafter.

Commission members from the farming community need not be residents of Pepperell but must actively farm in town whether on owned or leased land.

The appointing authority shall fill a vacancy based on the unexpired term of the vacancy in order to maintain the cycle of appointments.

  • Appointing Authority - Select Board
  • Number of Commission Members - Five
  • Terms of Service - Rotational Cycles
  • Town Residency Requirement - No
  • Vacancies - By Appointment
  • Guiding Principles for Commission Appointment : Members should represent the diversity and scale of agricultural businesses with the overall intent to be inclusive not exclusive.

For more information regarding the Agricultural Commission and events please click on this link.