Sales Inspections and New Construction Inspections are on-going. All other inspections are by appointment only and by owner request. If you have any questions concerning this process or feel that our inspection information is incorrect, please contact the Assessor's Office at 978-433-0322.  Please remember that residents can call at any time to set up an inspection if they feel that their property assessments are incorrect.

Sales Inspections

The Assessors' Office conducts inspections on properties being sold in order to update the town's assessment data. Having accurate data leads to fair and equitable property assessments. 

When a homeowner calls the Fire Department to set up a carbon monoxide/smoke detector inspection they are informed by the Fire Department that the Assessor may accompany them on their inspection. The Board of Assessors has also asked all local RE offices to tell their clients that the Assessor may want to inspection their home. Please note that the Assessor is required by the MA Department of Revenue to inspect properties. The homeowner is NOT required to allow the Assessor to inspection. However, rights to appeal the assessment are contingent on property inspection.

Cyclical Inspections / Flyover inspections

The Department of Revenue requires the Assessors to inspect all properties every 10 years. Each year a section of the town is inspected in order to complete the whole process in 10 years.

Letters are mailed out based on the last inspection date in order of the earliest last inspection date. The next group of letters will be sent periodically throughout the year based on office work load.  

Cyclical inspections can also be done by aerial photography.  Currently, we receive flyovers of the town on a yearly basis. These photographs are used in cyclical inspection when the property cannot be accessed. 

Please remember that residents can call at any time to set up an inspection, whether or not they have received a letter, if they feel that their property assessments are incorrect.

Abatement Inspections

When an abatement application has been submitted, a full interior / exterior inspection is required for the application to be reviewed. 

Permit Inspection

The Assessors' Office performs permit inspections in order to add any changes to a property to our Property Record Cards.  These change can modify the value of the property depending on the changes.  Typically, our contractor, Patriot Properties, performs the permit inspections once a year, usually between January and April.  However, the Assessor tries to inspect all new construction.