Nashua River Canoe Launches

Location: There are two: Canal St. and off River Rd.

The Conservation Commission hold two parcels on the Nashua River suitable for launching small boats and canoes. The first is an 8000 square foot parcel on Canal St., a short distance from Main St., that abuts the river and provides canoe access for the Nashua River in the Pepperell Pond area. A very gradual, albeit very narrow, slope allows for a trailer launch of a small boat. The second canoe launch is located behind the Kemp horse track on River Rd. This area is off the main road and may be more convenient for leaving a car; however, the slope to the river is steeper and is appropriate only for a hand launch of a small boat or canoe.

For the first parcel, follow Main St. to Canal St. The launch is about 0.1 miles on the left with a wooden sign.  Park on the side of the road near the river.

For the second parcel, follow River Rd. south from the town-center rotary 1.6 miles to the common dirt driveway for the Kemp horse track at 120 River Rd., just across the street and north of the Town Forest and Picnic area. As the driveway arcs around to the other side of the oval track, take the second left.  That leads to the river. Park near the launch, but not blocking it for others.

Recreational Uses:


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